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How the shape of your hip joint effects your stance

The following article by Ryan DeBell illustrates through numerous images of different hip joints, that we all can expect to have our own unique range of motion in our hips. This effects the width and depth of a comfortable squat, as well as many other motion patterns. His article demonstrates very clearly, how important it is to listen to your body’s needs.
The real reason why people must squat differently.

Exercise the winter blues away the smart way!

Intrinsacore scabular bandsCan you relate to how much taller we walk and easier we move on a warm beach, while  in the cold seasons we become much tighter and hunched forward? As you probably know, if we do a lot of one type of posturing, our body takes it as the new normal and tries to hold us in this position. This means, we can become really good at the stooped forward look as we try to stay warm during the winter month. Soon our mind follows our body and becomes less happy, too. So we have to keep reminding our body, that we want the tall, loose, happy beach look all year round. To do that, we have to include plenty of back strengthening exercises into our workout routines to keep us upright and to balance the tightness in our anterior muscles. To further aid the muscles in our back, we need to stretch the muscles in the front of our body. Simple!

For instance, the Scapular Bands exercise, as featured in the video and book of the Primary Program of The Intrinsacore Method, is an excellent preparation for other back work exercises. Scapular Bands is a held squat and posterior shoulder isolation exercise. Think of the exercise as 2 actions. The first is the outward rotation of the shoulder with the elbow close to the body. The second action is the activation of the mid and lower trapezius muscle. In order to better feel the contraction in the back of your shoulder, you can ask a workout partner to place their fingers between your shoulder blades. As you rotate your shoulder back, you will feel a nice stretch across your chest. You know you are doing the exercise right if you can pinch their fingers with the LOWER part of your shoulder blades.

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ICM Level 2 book cover

ICM Level 3 book cover front

Should you work out when you feel tired or shouldn’t you?

by Helgrit Howard and Tad Howard

The other day my husband Tad, my sister-in-law Jen, and I were hanging out when my husband came across an article on Hugh Jackman in which Hugh Jackman mentioned that he did not work out when he was not feeling up for it.

Tad Howard
Tad Howard training with The Intrinsacore Method

Now both my husband and my sister-in-law are workout fanatics and what was interesting about the situation was how differently they both reacted to Jackman’s statement. Jen felt that not pushing yourself regardless how you feel is one of the biggest mistakes you can make especially when it comes to sculpting your body. And she has the physique to prove her point. Through diligent workouts and persistence she has achieved a beautiful body and improved her health.
My husband however was more inclined go along with Hugh Jackman’s opinion as he considers rest an important part of the workout routine. Tad has spent many years sculpting his body with amazing results in both appearance, strength and endurance. Continue reading Should you work out when you feel tired or shouldn’t you?