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  • Get the benefits of one of the most versatile training methods!
  • Suitable for all ages and fitness levels!
  • No impact = gentle on the joints.
  • Slow, controlled movements. You set the pace.
  • Each level prepares you for the next one.
  • Learn how to achieve functional core strength.

Maui scapular bands 4 smallThe Intrinsacore Method (ICM) is a 40 week, functional training program that changes in difficulty, intensity and duration every 10 weeks. This keeps the trainee from hitting the plateau (physical stagnation) and boredom found by women and men in many other routines.

The key focus in all Intrinsacore Method levels is full body integration. This develops optimum core strength in order to give the body maximum stability for real life applications and/or competitions. The full body integration supercharges the metabolic rate, stripping body fat from your physique and building lean, functional muscle.

Get ready to get ripped!

Maui steepleband 2 small intrinsacore functunal core strength trainingBy using free range of motion equipment such as exercise balls, resistance bands and weighted bars, the BODY CAN BE TRAINED TO BE STRONG IN IT’S FULL RANGE OF MOTION. This results in increased overall strength, balance, speed and flexibility. It also improves posture and overall health, especially joint and heart health.

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All Intrinsacore Method levels offer anaerobic (muscle strength) and aerobic (cardiovascular/heart strength) training simultaneously, by the combination of unique upper and lower body integration/activation pattern.

Levels 1 through 3 provide programs with low impact on the joints. Higher levels include some impact training such as jumping and plyometrics exercises.

4 straight leg stretchThe Intrinsacore Method was developed by Tad J. Howard. His work has been inspired by 17 years of intensive study in the human structure through his experience in Medical Massage Therapy, Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, Strength Training, and Exercise Physiology. Tad has developed this program to improve the health, strength, flexibility and well-being for a wide range of people. Therefore, the motivation for the development of the ICM program was to help people to heal. Driven by that motivation, Tad developed a reparative concept that exposed a whole new way of strength training and he observed in his Intrinsacore clients not only a return to health but also a major improvement in physical strength and balance.
Tad has trained people in Intrinsacore for years, but he has pushed himself the furthest with this program. He is in his 40’s and stronger than he’s ever been in his life.