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Level 1 Beginners Program .
Today’s exercise is BALL to the WALL SQUATS  with TOE POINT. This is the second exercise in
The Intrinsacore Method Beginner’s Program from the Introduction Routine.
This exercise integrates a wide knee squatting motion with a side to side weight transfer and mind-body core rotation.
The complexity of these combined motions helps to speed the activation and development of balance and proprioception awareness in your brain.
In this way it’s very similar to motions found in tai chi , qi gong and yoga.
You want to first start in the wide knee squatting position with the ball comfortably place at your back in the natural curve resting on top of your glutes. Bring your hands to eye height and then focus on transferring your weight to your left leg by straightening your right leg and pressing your right toes into the ground and lifting your right heel. At this point in the exercise you should feel like there’s a slight bend in your left knee and the right leg is straight and extending all the way to the toes.
Keeping your focus on the right foot and the right extended leg, point both of your hands lined up evenly towards the right foot, feeling the crunch in the right waste. If more mind-body action and emphasis is desired, continue from the pointing position towards the right foot through the rotation and press to the wall behind you on the right-hand side.
Always maintain your weight on the left leg and the straight extended presentation of the right leg. Then sink back down into the wide knee squatting position, reverse the motion and transfer your weight to the right leg by straightening the left leg all the way through to the toes of the left foot. Once again the heel of the left foot should be raising and the toes should be pressing firmly into the ground. There should be a soft bend in the right knee, point at the left foot, feeling a crunch in the left waist and if desired rotate further to the wall to increase the action and training of the left middle waste, then sink back down into the wide knee squat with hands at eye height .
Repeat two or three more times, try to notice that the weight-bearing leg, the leg that’s slightly bent, is actually doing most of the work, if you feel the burn in the weight-bearing leg you are doing it properly, if you feel strong action and work in your waist and rib cage on the straight leg side during rotation, then you are doing it properly. When you sink down into the wide knee squat, this is your moment to take a deep inhalation and as you rise up and transfer your weight and rotating toward the wall, either right or left, you exhale. Use your breath to time the speed of your motions, inhale as you sink down into the wide knee squat and exhale as you transfer your weight, rotate and press to the wall.
Be patient with yourself , give yourself compassion and time to learn this combination of motions. It will improve your balance and your reaction time as well as your breath control. And of course it will strengthen your legs, your hips, your shoulders, the rotation of your spine and the range of motion and power in your core and waist. Enjoy!!!

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