The Intrinsacore Method (ICM) is a fully mobile, full body, core and movement based functional training program.

ICM corrects posture from the inside out, using real life simulations and rubberized resistance. It will also undo what life has trained into our posture (joints, spine, knees, shoulders, back and front) through movements that use the primary motions of martial arts, the core activation of Pilates and the balance and flexibility of yoga.

The ICM Beginner’s Program is designed to teach you the motions prior to the introduction of resistance in the Primary Program. If you enjoy the motions of dance, the focus of Tai Chi, the balance and flexibility of yoga and the core activation of Pilates, but also love the intensity of body building and resistance training, here is the marriage of all of these wisdoms. ICM has the potential to restructure and build your body and mind and give you incredible strength and balance.



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